A carved quartzite ‘finger citron’ snuff bottle

19th century

naturalistically carved in the form of a finger citron utilizing the darker areas to highlight the stalk and leaves, a smaller fruit issuing from the stalk, the stone of beige-yellow colour shading to caramel-brown, coral stopper

height 6.1 cm without stopper

from a Dutch private collection acquired prior to the 1980’s

Compare a very similarly carved yellow jade bottle illustrated in H. Hui ‘An Addicted Dedication, Chinese Snuff Bottles, Chistopher Sin’s Collection’, Vol. I, Hong Kong, 2013, pl. 5. The Chinese word for finger citron or ‘Buddha’s hand’ citron is a pun for ‘blessings and longevity’ (fushou). Therefore, this attractive bottle was a suitable gift for close friends or relatives.

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