An enamelled turquoise-blue glass snuff bottle

Qianlong mark and period (1736 – 1795)

the slightly tapering elongated quadrangular bottle with wide mouth delicately enamelled on the opaque turquoise-blue glass with flowering branches of lotus, chrysanthemum, prunus, and yellow peony, the flat base inscribed with a pale iron-red four-character seal mark, aquamarine stopper

height 6.3 cm without stopper

from a Dutch private collection acquired prior to the 1980’s

This bottle belongs to a small group of imperial snuff bottles probably attributed to Yangzhou during the second half of the Qianlong reign. The shape and decoration of the present bottle are rare among this type. The iron-red mark is almost worn off, with only vague traces still visible, which is a common feature on bottles of this category. A shield-shaped example, also with pale iron-red Qianlong mark, was in the Meriem Collection, Christie’s New York, September 2007, lot no. 690.

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