A moulded iron-red porcelain snuff bottle

Daoguang mark and period (1821 – 1850)

the rounded bottle moulded in relief and decorated in iron-red with a writhing five-clawed dragon in pursuit of the flaming pearl, the lip with traces of gilding, the concave oval base inscribed with an iron-red four-character seal mark, glass stopper

height 5.5 cm without stopper


A Dutch private collection acquired prior to the 1980’s

It is rare to find a Daoguang snuff bottle with a moulded iron-red dragon design. Examples with a green-enamelled dragon in a forward moving pose appear to be more common. The vivid dragon on the present bottle is depicted with a long neck, its head looking back at the flaming pearl, giving this bottle an almost dramatic character. Compare a moulded porcelain bottle illustrated in Vérène Nicollier ‘The Baur Collection, Geneva, Chinese Snuff Bottles’, Milan, 2007, pl.H64, and another one in H. Moss and S. Sargent ‘This Snuff Bottle Monkey Business, The Mullin Collection and Its Story’, Hong Kong, 2012, pl. 136.

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