A famille-rose porcelain snuff bottle

Republic period (1912-1948)

The tapering cylindrical bottle is painted in delicate enamels with a continuous scene of children playing below an osmanthus tree. The bottle is inscribed below the the shoulder followed by the seal gu. The recessed base is inscribed with a Shendetang four-character hall mark in iron-red. Jadeite stopper.

7.7 cm high (without stopper)


Formerly in the collection of John and Gerda Reys, acquired prior to the 1980’s

The inscription may be translated as:

‘Respectfully offered by young friend Jian Ting for the pleasure of Mr. Fu Lin’

Boys breaking off osmanthus branches is associated with the saying “May you become a top scholar”. As the inscription indicates, this bottle was presented as a gift from Jian Ting to Mr. Fu Lin to wish him future success.

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