A blue and white Kosometsuke dish

Tianqi period (1621-1627)

The square dish with tapering sides is decorated with a diagonal composition of lotus flowers and tall grass leaves growing from a pond. One of the lotus leaves reveals a turtle. A flying insect hovers around the lotus blooms. The corners of the cavetto are decorated with scrolling ornaments suspending tassels. The flat everted rim with indented corners is reserve-decorated with scrolling chrysanthemum.

18 cm wide


The decoration of this dish is painted after a Chinese woodblock-print from the Bazhong Huapu (Manual of Eight Types of Painting), dating from the Tianqi period. The frog on the original print is replaced by a turtle on the present dish, and the flying insect is added.

A very similar square dish from the collection of the Asian Art Museum, San Fransisco, is illustrated in Julia B. Curtis, Trade Taste & Transformation, China Institute Gallery, New York, 2006, pl. 49.

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