A moulded yellow-glazed porcelain snuff bottle

18th/19th century

moulded in the form of a reclining Buddhist lion holding a beribboned brocade ball in its mouth and claws, the finely crackled glaze is of pale yellow colour, the eyes picked out in black enamel, jade stopper

length 7.4 cm without stopper


A Dutch private collection acquired prior to the 1980’s

Although this is not a rare mould, the yellow glaze of the present bottle is very unusual. A crackled cream-glazed example was in the J&J Collection of Chinese Snuff Bottles, Part 5, Christie’s New York, September 2008, lot no. 29. A multi-coloured enamelled example is illustrated in B. Stevens ‘The Collector’s Book of Snuff Bottles’, no. 1007.

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