A green-glazed vase

18th-19th century

The vase is of globular form with a tall neck and flaring rim. The exterior is covered with a bright lime-green glaze. The interior is glazed white and the recessed base is left unglazed.

18.2 cm high



Formerly in the collection of Angele Louise Maggi-Spaulding

Angele Louise Maggi-Spaulding (1924-2005) was the granddaughter of Julius Maggi (1846-1912), founder of the Maggi seasoning and soup concern.


Lime green, lemon yellow, pale turquoise and ruby red are considered unusual enamel colours, which were all achieved by an admixture of an opaque white enamel derived from lead arsenic into other enamels, to make them opaque, brighter and lighter in tone. Used as monochrome colours they are rare and are mainly found on small pieces of the Yongzheng period. White enamel was mainly added to green, yellow and turquoise, all three being translucent, low-fired enamels which were used on their own both on the biscuit and on glazed porcelain.

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