A Neolithic pottery tripod ewer, li gui

Longshan culture (3rd millennium B.C.)

the globular body resting on three legs and encircled by a rope-twist band, the tall cylindrical neck joined to the body with a broad strap handle and rising to the flared mouth to form a long spout, the speckled body buffed to a gentle sheen

height 33.5 cm

Sotheby’s London, December 1993, lot no. 117
A private Dutch collection

A related Longshan pottery ewer was included in the Exhibition of Archeological Finds of the People’s Republic of China, Tokyo, 1978, catalogue no. 12, together with a Shang dynasty bronze vessel of related form. See another similar example with two handles in Liu Liang-Yu ‘A Survey of Chinese Ceramics, Early Wares: Prehistoric to Tenth Century’, vol. 1, Taipei, 1991, p. 23.

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