A pair of blue and white bowls

Daoguang mark and period (1821-1850)

The bowls are of rounded form with spreading sides and flaring rims, each elaborately decorated to the exterior with a continuous floral frieze between a lappet border at the foot and a geometric border below the rim. The interior is painted with a central medallion below three decorative borders. The base is inscribed with a six-character seal mark.

15.1 cm diameter



Purchased at Vanderven Oriental Art, 1988

A Dutch private collection

The rather stylised pattern on this pair of bowls seems to be derived from the decoration on early Ming-dynasty examples. A Chenghua bowl with a very similar interior to the Daoguang bowls is directly inspired from a Yongle prototype 

An identical Daoguang bowl from the collection of Simon Kwan was included in the Exhibition ‘Imperial Porcelain of Late Qing’. Further bowls of this design were produced during other reign periods of the Qing dynasty like the Qianlong period (1736-1795), Jiaqing period (1796-1820), and Xuantong period (1909-1911).

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